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Chiropractic is based on the premise that your body has an innate organization or intelligence that causes it to always express its greatest potential for health and healing.  This intelligence is communicated to your body through your nervous system, which controls all the functions of the body.  Problems in the spine interfere with this communication and therefore with your body’s ability to heal itself.  The practice of chiropractic removes the interference from the nervous system, reducing symptoms and allowing your body to heal itself and reach its maximum health potential.

Getting our patients feeling better and back to work or play is very important, but just as important is giving them information and options.  Our new patients receive a thorough examination followed by a complete explanation of our findings and recommendations before we start care.  This ensures that they understand what we’ve found and what their options are.  Many people don’t realize that chiropractic can help maintain a healthy lifestyle, not just get rid of back pain.  We want all our patients to know that we’ll get them feeling better as soon as possible, but that we also offer ongoing care to help them reach their optimum health potential.  How far they choose to take their care is up to them, but until they know that we can help with more than back pain, they can’t make a truly informed decision.

Procedures We Perform

What to Expect on Your First Visit

So you’ve made an appointment…now you might be wondering what to expect when you get here.

When you arrive for your visit, please have a photo ID and your insurance card with you. We’ll take copies of these for your file.  You will be asked to sign in at the front desk and, of course, there will be some paperwork we’ll need you to fill out. You’ll be shown a short video while one of our CA’s (chiropractic assistants) looks over your paperwork, and then she’ll bring you into the exam room to review your case history with you and gather pertinent information about what brought you to our office.   She’ll also do some routine procedures such as height, weight, blood pressure, range of motion measurements, and she will perform a set of computerized scans that give us information about different aspects of your nervous system function.

Once our CA has gathered a complete history she’ll review it with your doctor and he or she will be in to see you shortly.  The doctor will give you a brief overview of chiropractic concepts and ask you about your current level of health and any goals you may have.  Then he or she will perform some orthopedic tests and manual palpation of your spine to determine where the problem is.  The doctor will also determine if there is a need to take x-rays of your spine.  If so, your x-rays will be taken at this time, right here at the office.  If you have any questions at any time during the exam feel free to ask!

Because the doctors need a chance to look over any x-rays that were taken and review their findings in order to come up with their best recommendations for you, they rarely adjust on the first visit.  There are some exceptions, but these occur on a case by case basis and should not be expected.  Once they have come up with a recommended treatment plan they will review it with you during your Report of Findings, which happens on a second visit.  Often we are able to schedule your Report of Findings for later the same day if your schedule will allow.

During the course of your exam, start thinking about what you’d like to get out of your care at our office. Do you just want to get patched up so that you feel better?  Do you want to get the underlying problem areas strengthened and corrected? Do you want to incorporate chiropractic care into your lifestyle to maintain your health and prevent future problems?  These are the options you’ll have—which level of care you choose really depends on your healthcare goals.  We’ll support you no matter which path you choose!

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